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The Therapy Trading Store

The Therapy Trading Store is an online marketplace where fellow occupational therapists and physical therapists share resources they have created. The downloadable items range from premium ebooks to OT student projects. 

Popular Occupational Therapy Blog Posts

If you have an occupational therapy blog topic that you would like to write about for my blog, please contact me at sarah@otpotential.com. 

Occupational Therapy Jobs Board

Looking for an occupational therapy job or certified occupational therapy assistant job? This job board, powered by ZipRecruiter, makes job hunting simpler. Make a profile and apply to multiple OT jobs at the click of a button. 

OT Interviews to Help You Find the Right Practice Area

Whether you are a new OT grad or looking to make a transition in your OT career, landing on the right practice area is critical. I've been working on assembling OT interviews over the years to give you some insight into the perks and challenges of different OT settings. 

Occupational Therapy Shirts

I am on a mission to create products to make your occupational therapy day a little better. I started with a shirt to make a strong first impression. Physical therapy and speech therapy shirts are also available to give your department an unified feel. 


What Is Occupational Therapy?

Look no further for a handy description of occupational therapy! Feel free to share with clients and friends. 


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