The Story of OT Potential

I've had those days where I left my OT job confident that I met productivity levels, wrote great notes, did what was expected of me– but felt unsure whether I really helped my patients.  

It is so easy to lose focus in the whirlwind of healthcare systems. 

What would it look like to end each work day feeling confident that you brought as much value as possible to your patients? It is my belief that to achieve this as individual occupational therapists we need to be working as a community. We need to be sharing what is working in our practices. We need the courage to shed light on what isn't helping. 

Occupational therapy is going to change drastically over our careers. We all have a role to play in ensuring that the best care possible is being given to our patients. The most effective changes will start with you; I hope this site will be your companion on the journey. 

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L

Why I Built This Platform

My occupational therapy career began at a small hospital in Nebraska. I was the only full-time OT at the hospital but was eager to get plugged into an occupational therapy community— so I started scoping out my online options. I also took to the internet because I felt like I was creating everything from scratch, from our brochures to eval forms. It was 2011 and the search was disappointing.  I knew there were thousands of OTs out there doing similar work to me; I just didn’t know how to connect with them.

About Me

I received my BA at St. Olaf College and my Masters of Occupational Therapy at New York University.  My work experience includes a critical access hospital, an acute trauma hospital, and a state inpatient psychiatric hospital. I have lived in Minnesota, New York City, and Chicago but have chosen to return to my hometown in Nebraska to raise my family. 

I've been offering freelance OT writing services since 2015 and have had the privilege of serving as the Occupational Therapy Expert at, writing 70+ articles for OT consumers. I have also been able to write for Saebo, WebPT, and MedBridge. 


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Thank you!

This site would not have been possible with endless support from The Numbering Company (my husband) and my sister and brother-in-law, Claire and Alan Linic.