The Cost of OT: home modifications

A review of ramps, tub-cuts and home monitoring systems for home safety.

Today is the last post on the cost of OT recommendations.  In my searching, I have found a great resource for home safety: from the Weill Cornell Medical College gives room by room tips for home safety modifications, along with vendors and approximate costs. So next time you have a question about the price range of something, or just need a source for new ideas, check it out.

The 3 main home modifications I wanted to review today are ramps, tub-cuts and home monitoring systems. 

Ramps- These are definitely my most recommended home modification. The type and costs of ramps varies according to the home entry height (remember those ADA guidelines of 1:12 rise to run). For portable ramps you are looking at a cost of $100-$500. I don't know the cost of a DIY ramp, but these are great option if a family member is handy. From what I can tell a handy man would probably charge $300-400 

Tub-cuts- I don't think any of my clients have ever instituted this. The services are definitely out there, but it looks like it will cost you $850-$1650.

Home monitoring and communication systems- Again, none of my clients have ever implemented this, but I can see their popularity growing in the future. These currently run at $6000-$8000

The higher costs for home modifications make them a significantly harder sell than adaptive equipment, but at the end of the day they far, far less expensive than financing an increased level of care.  

I got somewhat distracted composing this, when I stumbled across some information on Universal Design. I'm guessing this will be the subject of my next blog post.