Universal Design

Universal design vs. cusomization

There are times during home visits when the easiest solution seems to be teleporting back in time to ensure the house was never built, or at least universal design principles were instituted. 

Small bathrooms make me wistful for this highly accessible home featured in Dwell Magazine. The quote form the accompanying article totally warms an  OT's heart. 

“It’s interesting—most people put every wheelchair user in the same category, and figure you should just build to ADA specifications,” says Sundstrom. “But when Karen and I work with wheelchair users, we don’t just open the guidelines for universal design and follow the instructions—we measure arm length and reach, and we consider with our clients how long we should anticipate muscle strength, and what must continue to adapt architecturally. In this case, Karen and her daughter have different requirements, and we also needed to think of David’s needs.” 

Read more: http://www.dwell.com/articles/Highly-Accessible.html#ixzz2F2xSopIP



Here is an example of a handicap friendly home. 
Sarah Lyon, OTR/LComment