Yoga Part 2: the body's grace


Matthew Sanford sustained a thoracic T4-6 spinal cord injury in a car crash when he was 13 years old. He is now a popular speaker, writer and yoga instructor. If you're into podcasts, I recommend On Being's The Body's Grace, Matthew Sandord's Story. You can also read the transcript here. Matthew has fascinating teachings on the mind-body connection that remains after being paralyzed. His thoughts challenge popular rehab teachings that only focus on the parts of our body that are seemingly working well for us. 

One of the big healing things for me was to recognize that my paralyzed body didn't stop talking to my mind. It changed its voice. It went to a more subtle whisper that doesn't have as much clarity. It's sweeter, it's quieter and it doesn't as quickly react. I try to describe it as energetic presence. Like if you were to squeeze my ankle, it would feel like you're squeezing a tube of toothpaste, I can feel the surge up my body through my spine.
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