Be vocal?

More than ever, I rest convinced that great unrest exists in large percentages of therapists around the US who recognize a feeling of desire, anger, frustration and/or burnout.

Despite this, I also rest convinced that now is the time to look this feeling-of-an-emotion in the eyes to discover what's REALLY going on.  

What am I talking about?

Be honest with yourself.  Do you ever desire change in your practice area or current work department?  How often, if ever, have you specifically voiced your desire in a non-threatening yet fully assertive way?  What were the results?

I came to a humbling awareness in my own life tonight when I heard myself utter these words to a friend over dinner, "It's not that I'm scared of voicing my opinion or's that I feel hesitant and vulnerable to what may happen if, yet again, the idea(s) are disregarded or rejected."

My dear and fellow therapist friends, I write you with a heart-felt request to join me in wasting-away, if needed, in the sharing of our ideas for positive, lasting, high impact, high value change to this current health care system, to risk bringing back "care" to the equation, to risk being a "squeaky wheel" on behalf of a revolution in the care of our community of citizens, patients, clients... and world.

Will you join me in being vocal with your ideas for high value, lasting, positive change in our departments, buildings, and system?  And doing it regularly, as a way of life?

And if you already DO this, what's worked for you?

In gratitude for hope in our future, our profession, our communities, and in a revolution of health "care"...


Monika Lukasiewicz, OTR/L