The courage of old people

Aging Courageously

I found inspiration, of all places, from sifting through a stack of Christmas letters, while at my grandma's house this week. Having spent a good part of my year in a nursing home, I have thought a lot about aging. How are my patients processing the experience? How will I experience aging? 

One of my grandma's friend's reflected on the process of getting older in his Christmas letter. The words were so sweet that I had to write down an excerpt and share it with you.

I love old people with canes and walkers and those little motorized strollers. I love the courage of old people, like turtles, who cross a busy highway. I walk in the Winward Mall and beautiful Veterans’ Cemetery. I stop to talk. They are so glad. “By God, we are still here!” we say, and we laugh together, turning up our hearing aids. Some days names do not come easily, but feelings do. They explode in the sky like fireworks. Many suffer from a minor stroke or two. But our heart is as “a coal yet glowing."