AJOT- Handwriting Intervention Effectiveness

A study on handwriting 

I am going to try hard in the future not to let my NYU bias influence my content, but when I saw the names of former professors again in AJOT, I quickly made my decision about what article to highlight. 

Assessing Handwriting Intervention Effectiveness in Elementary School Students: A Two-Group Control Study (by Tsu-Hsin Howe, Karen Laurie Roston, Ching-Fan Sheu and Jim Hinojosa) is an instructive read for those of you who teach handwriting in schools under the RtI (Response to Intervention) paradigm. The article explores the effectiveness of two different Handwriting Clubs, one using a practice-based approach on motor learning the other using a visual perceptual approach (primarily with Beery VMI teaching materials). Both groups worked with the commercial handwriting book Handwriting Without Tears.

If any of this is sounding relevant to your practice, I encourage you to dig in to the research (or at least read the abstract)!