The life of aging people

The New Old Age Blog just posted a review of the Oscar-nominated movie 'Amour'  titled The Brutal Truth of 'Amour.' This would be a great read, and a great movie to see, for those of you interested in geriatrics. It is fascinating how many recent movies are exploring the theme of aging. Quality of life as we age seems to be a topic on people's mind lately and occupational therapy has much to contribute to this discussion (more to come on this in tomorrow's post.) 

Perhaps, as the population ages and more people confront the consequences, the stories our culture tells itself have evolved to include more old people, more caregivers.

On a side note, I am working on the blog's sidebar and just added a The New Old Age Blog as a helpful resource. Watch for more additions in the days to come!

Too old for "quality of life"?!

In it to win it?