Dealing with Frustraction

Handling frustration at work

Deal with it: Your frustration, or rather your frustraction.  (Yes, it’s a new word meaning “the action you take as a result of feeling frustrated.”) How do you deal with it?  Or perhaps you are wondering how I have been dealing with it?

An earlier post revealed a layer of frustration in my own work setting and lead to two simple steps taken since.  This post is dedicated to sharing what’s worked and the latest idea yet:

Recent implementations:

  1. Invited other local OTs to join every 1-2 months for a gathering at a local restaurant to share ideas, stress, solutions and curiosity. We have met twice with 5-6 people already interested and positive interest for continuing this gathering.

    1. Updated the OT kitchen area of the therapy gym to house more functional layout and supplies for improved, yet more realistic treatments. Another OT and I were given approval for reimbursement, started a “wish list”, went thrift shopping for our finds, and $50 later have a more functional kitchen.

New Inspiration:

  1. Develop an easy “set” of cognitive-based treatment ideas (i.e. note cards or files with specific treatment outlined) to specifically highlight the common goals and challenges of the key population we serve (older adults).

I hope these ideas help spark at least hope or inspiration to follow your creative ideas to action...and share what’s worked!

What has helped you deal with your own frustration? Or what specific ideas have been inspiring to you?!


Monika Lukasiewicz, OTR/L