Holding Hands With Client-Centered Practice

"Will you hold my hand?"

That’s actually all she wanted. With my careful assistance, she had just moved from the edge of her bed to the commode. She was in the midst of explosive diarrhea, yet delightfully demented.

Resting on her new throne, she sat totally contented and stumbled for her final wording of the question that (in an OT-kind-of-way) made my day, “Will you, will you, will you...hold my hand?”

Without hesitation, our hands just rested together. So there i stood, holding her hand while she sat on the commode. (Can't say that I'd predict this scenario would make my day.)

Sometimes being client-centered leads us far from expected engagements in our typical day, yet it always feels so good to reach out to the challenge.

Just for today: How can I be more present to my client’s needs?