It's OK not to be OK... Follow your heart

Listen to your heart

“Just be true to who you are,” sings Jessie J.  And it is with Jessie J’s lead that this post is dedicated to all the OTs out there, especially the new grads, who may be disillusioned about the connection between the occupational therapy you studied... and the occupational therapy you witness being done or are doing.

My concern is that there comes a time, often after what we thought was the “perfect experience/job”, where we begin to sit with an unsettled feeling. Perhaps some may label the feeling as lost, angry, frustrated, confused, sad, stifled, trapped, immensely inspired or even betrayed.

I only risk sharing these labels because its an experience that I have felt and witness as a pattern with other OTs.  At the core of this awareness and unsettling time is a deep desire from within ourselves to get still and get clear about a) what is really bothering us and b) what life is asking of us.

For some of us the result may mean changing how we practice, where we practice, if we practice or why we practice.  Only you’ll know your unique answer. The wish right now is merely that we heed with compassion to the unsettling within ourselves to discover where life is asking us to rise and shine the truth that is ours to shine. 

“It's OK not to be OK... follow your heart... just be true to who you are.” -Jessie J


Monika Lukasiewicz, OTR/L