Eat It Up.

Don't neglect your lunch break

Reflecting on work and how I interact with it has been a common theme lately.  Here's a recent revelation.

Perhaps the best thing I can do is go to work with a) a positive, grateful and willing-to-serve attitude, b) look good, c) be physically ready and fit to handle the demands of my day and d) take a relaxing lunch break at least 3 days per week.

This last option, taking a relaxing lunch break, seemed to come through too many serendipitous recommendations within a 3 month period of time.  The universe seemed to be nudging me to do the unthinkable...sit down, relax and just enjoy some good food around noon. Yes (gasp), even in the middle of my work day.

The result was a hopeful return of the passionate, energized and compassionate attitude that carried me to this profession in the first place, as well as an increase in inspiration for client-centered and team oriented service.

(Side note: A recent Ayurvedic course (as part of a yoga training) revealed the immense importance of digestion on overall health, leading me to explore my own habits around meals.  And for some reason, I entered this profession with the subliminal training and often through the ‘example’ of those who had gone before me to “eat while you work.”  Quite frankly, it just hasn’t been working for me.  I noticed increased stress and detachment in an overwhelmed-type-of-way. Plus, a whole meal would disappear before me in a matter of minutes, leaving me almost forgetful of what it was that I had just had the fortune to eat. Where was the pleasure of eating one of only 3 larger meals in my day?)

So here comes the one week (or more) experiment*: Just take a pure lunch break to chill with co-workers/sit in solitude and enjoy lunch without doing notes, checking the phone or sitting at the desk.

*I do not claim this to be an easy experiment, but I do guarantee it to be worth it.

Just for today: Will you just try enjoying your lunch and only your lunch?  If not, why?

Let’s do this. Eat up the true enjoyment of life, not just the work of it. Cheers to letting the enjoyment truly digest.