Why OT Needs a New Brand

Why OT needs a new brand 

A new OT motto

I’ve been seeing the OT brand, “Life to the Fullest,” on billboards all over the city of Chicago. Only it is a better version. And it's not for OT, it is for Abbott-- a pharmaceutical, nutrition and medical diagnostic company. 

Their brand is “Life. To the Fullest.” and the campaign features beautiful imagery for joy-fullest, soul-fullest, peace-fullest etc. It's quite witty. 

 “Living Life to the Fullest” isn't a terrible brand for OT. It does capture what OT practitioners hope for their patients. But, I wonder if there is an even better option out there. Something that would give more focus and unity to OT professionals. Something that would capture better who our market is and how we can help. 

The PT brand was updated in 2007. “Move Forward. Bring Motion to Life.”  I am excited for them. It seems strong and forward looking. I see it being integrated into their marketing materials. It has helped me better understand the scope of what PT can offer. 

I’ve been dreaming up some new tag-lines for OT and hope to share them later in the week.