Get inspired over winter break

Finding inspiration in part of an OT's work

Coming back to the "why" 

I heard a writer say that she regards finding daily inspiration as part of her work. 

I think the same is true for OTs, and really for anyone in a helping profession. We need to consistently come back to the "why." Why do we spend our days working with people? People are unpredictable and trying to help can become really messy. 

Sharing stories is one way to inspire. We also need to find inspiration from others who are doing really good work, other professionals who are becoming experts in their niche. 

To help you find some inspiration over winter break, I wanted to share some of the resources that have kept me inspired this year. 

1.) Start a Therapy Practice

Scott Harmon's podcast has been a great asset to me this year. I am not trying to start a therapy practice, nor do I have aspirations to in the foreseeable future, but I love the stories of professionals featured on the podcast. Each is a master in their field, and Scott teases out stories and advice with thoughtfulness and compassion.

2.) OT Notes

Cheryl has been blogging for almost 7 years. Amazing. Whether you are interested in pediatrics or working in a SNF, her blog has something for you, as she has worked and blogged about her time working in multiple settings. 

3.) The Functional Freedom Podcast

Paul's podcast is where I go to hear about big picture trends in the rehab profession. He interviews both leaders in OT and PT. Like Scott, his compassion for patients and helping other therapists succeed shines.

4.) ABC Therapeutics Blogspot

Whenever I need to get a fire lit under me, I head to Chris Alterio's blog. He is also a long-time blogger. His is the blog I go to for commentary on trends in the OT profession. He is passionate about policy changes, the direction of American occupational therapy and how our past can inform our future. 

5.) OTs on Twitter 

Just in the past couple months have I become active on Twitter. What a wealth of information is being shared! And what a great place to make initial connections with other professionals. I'm sad I didn't get involved sooner. If I'm not following you already, I would love to connect

6.) Niche practices on Facebook

I joined a group on Facebook in the past year that is specifically for people who blog about therapy. Seeing the questions that get asked and the generated conversation has helped me tremendously in my own blog writing-- from thinking about content to how to best edit pictures.

May you have a refreshing winter break!