Meaningful occupations

How we spend out days is, of courses, how we spend out lives. -Annie Dillard

There's always room for improvement 

I love this quote. It captures with startling clarity how the little things we do each day cumulate to become our lives. Occupational therapists have a unique language for these everyday tasks. We call them meaningful occupations. Occupational therapists join the ranks of writers and poets in asserting the importance of the everyday. We assert that participating in these every day tasks can actually bring healing. Pretty radical.

I was challenged after my last post to offer thoughts on how we can bring more value as occupational therapists. I think the key to the growth of our profession lies in a reexamination of our core, meaningful occupation.

We need better ways to talk about meaningful occupation. 

We need better ways to quantify it. 

We need to build a more discrete skill set around it. 

We need to be measuring that what we do works.

I look forward to blogging about this more in upcoming weeks!