Living Life To It’s Fullest: Are You?

Confronting the person in the mirror

This, as you likely know, is the motto for the profession of occupational therapy.  It’s our tagline...and a powerful tagline at that. (Yes, I’m assuming that you, dear reader, are in the professional posse.)

So what do we do with this powerful motto?  We hold positions in which we are accountable as a life assistant to the people we serve so that s/he might live a more full life.  Our job is to help people live more fully.  This. Is. No. Small. Job.

Where do we even begin then?

I have a suggestion. Uh hem. I suggest we saddle up with Gandhi and start with the person in the mirror.

Gandhi encouraged us to start new legacies by “being the change we want to see in the world.”  More specifically, I am suggesting that the potent way we can BEGIN to help others live more fully is... to examine the fullness of our own lives, accept what is and is not working to create that daily fullness, and then take daily actions to BEGIN creating it or merely deepen currently experienced fullness. The fullness of our own life IS under our own influence and personal responsibility to address.

In future posts I will share a few of the most potent tips I have yet received that have truly helped me stir the pot of “full living” in my own life so that I might help more deeply and authentically provide that assistance to those I serve as an occupational therapist.

Living life at its fullest 

For today: On a scale of 1-10 (1 = Not living my life to the fullest at all, 10 = Living my life to it’s absolute fullest!), where do you rate the current “fullness” of your life?  If a client were to give you the same answer, would you surmise you could help increase that rating?  What do you perceive needs to happen in order to increase your rating by 1 point?

Take a deep breath.  Life is about to inflate with even more fullness... if you are ready to allow it.