About.com Occupational Therapy Expert

occupational therapy expert

Ok..Ok.. the title feels a little grandiose, but other than that I am excited to undertake the role of the About.com Occupational Therapy Expert. 

While building the Potential website over the past 9 months, I have worked hard to grow as a writer and researcher, with the intent of helping occupational therapists provide the best care possible. 

Serving as a writer for About.com allows me to reach a new audience, the occupational therapy consumer. 

Making quality information and resources available to consumers is vital to the occupational therapy process. I look forward to playing a role in this. 

Interacting with fellow therapists is my favorite part of writing. Let me know your ideas for future posts and, really, any input you might have.  

My first 8 occupational therapy posts for About.com

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