My Favorite Products From The 2015 AOTA Expo

Products from the 2015 AOTA expo

On my 3rd day at the conference, I spent some quality time walking through to expo hall. It was amazing to see the innovative products being developed for OT usage (and sometimes by OTs!)

If there are any OT products that you love to use, please share them in the comments! 

My 5 favorite products/companies at the AOTA expo

1. The Alert Seat

First of all, the Newmans, the creators of these therapeutic stability ball chairs, are an incredibly sweet couple. I hope to interview them later. Second of all, this seat is far superior and safer than sitting on a therapy ball. I can see the Alert Seat being used in classrooms, rehab units, and at my own kitchen table. 

2. The Time Timer

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The Time Timer is a simply designed, easy-to-use clock that lets you see time elapsing. The inventor Jan Rogers (who I met!) created it for her daughter, who was consistently having difficulty attending to task at hand. I had learned about another one of their products from an OT friend who uses the watch to time her sessions. Her favorite feature is that it vibrates when time has elapsed versus startling her patients with a beep. 

3. Lymphedivas

I can think of several patients and friends to whom I would've loved to recommend or gift this amazing product. If you have a moment, you should read the creation story on the website, as it is very moving. 

4. Landscape Structures

I met an OT, Ingrid Kanics, who consults for this incredible company that designs playgrounds using universal design principles. I can see weighing on playground design being a great way for OTs to advocate and volunteer in their communities. (My photo did not capture the scope of this company or how amazing it is!)

5. The Modular Hose

There were some amazing tech products at the expo, but one product stood out to me as simple, yet extremely useful- a hallmark of OT. The Modular Hose clamps on to your wheelchair and provides an adjustable arm to hold switches, tablets, podiums etc. Sure enough, I've since read that the company typically designs products for industrial applications, but awhile back they had been contacted by some occupational therapists who were adapting the Modular hoses to use for assistive technology. This began the development of a product line designed specifically for the assertive technology field. 

In case you missed it, you can check out my thoughts from day 1 and day 2 of the AOTA Conference. 

Disclaimer: I have no association with any of these companies other than that I enjoyed talking to their representatives at the expo :-) 

This post was edited 4/21/15.