Collaborative Rehab Series: NEW Physical and Speech Therapy Shirts

New shirts!

I'm interested in fostering collaboration. Through this blog, I am largely focused on OTs leveraging opportunities for sharing knowledge about what is and what isn't working in our practices. 

But, I'm also interested in how occupational therapy can collaborate with other professions, particularly, our closest allies: physical therapy and speech therapy. 

Ever since I first launched my occupational therapy shirts in February, I have been wanting to roll out a complete therapy series. I want clients to have a visual cue, that though disinct, our three disciplines are complementary.

Physical therapy shirt

Whether you are looking for a uniform for your therapy department, shirts for an event, a gift for your staff, or simply a shirt for representin', I hope these shirts exceed expectations. 

The physical and speech therapy shirts will be on pre-sale through June 15, with a ship date of July 1st. 

How the shirts are made

Again, I am collaborating with Joe Horacek from the Little Mountain Print Shoppe. He has made some of my favorite shirts over the years. And I am excited to be working with him, both in the design and printing of the shirts. 

Social responsibility 

Ethically sourced products are very important to me, but the process of tracking down where clothing comes from can be extremely daunting. I am thankful to have found two companies that include social responsibility as one of their pillars. You can actually see shirts being made at Bella+Canvas here. You can read Alternative Apparel's policies here

If you have any questions about bulk orders, please email me at

Ethically made shirts

If you have any questions about bulk orders, please email me at