Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month

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Speech and Hearing Month

Finally! A whole month when I can shout it from the rooftops:

I love working alongside Speech Therapists! 

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) (Speech Therapists) have been some of my closest allies when working with clients. Our common understanding of cognition, feeding, and language often puts us on common ground. Our unique approaches can compliment each other in extraordinary ways as we work toward common goals for our patients. 

The OT and SLP partnership can be collaboration at its best. 

Speech and language pathology was not on my radar when I entered OT school. Looking back, it is the one career that I wish I had explored more. SLPs have such a defined scope of practice, and I have found them to be truly masters of language, cognition and swallowing. Yet, they are also highly collaborative as they understand their area of expertise to be part of a larger picture of health. Now that is a great profession. 

As the demand for inter-professional healthcare teams grow, I look forward to working along side these incredible professionals! 

If you have any questions about speech therapy or a positive experience to share about working with an SLP, please share in the comments below!