Fine Motor ABC – Alphabet Themed Activities to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor ABC – Alphabet Themed Activities to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills


Build skills one page at a time with Fine Motor ABC; 26 targeted activities designed for children ages 4 to 7. This alphabet themed children’s book is an engaging and easy-to-implement resource that includes adult education and is designed to encourage development and strengthen skills in children of all abilities.  Great for parents, therapists, and teachers. 

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  • Format: PDF
  • Page count: 32
  • Year Created: 2016

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Each activity in the book is accompanied by a photograph showing how to perform the task, corresponding alphabet hand sign, and two sections of text. The main text is a rhyming couplet written in children’s book style. It is a quick, fun, and engaging description of the activity. This gets kids interested and gives simple vocabulary to use when completing or discussing each task. The bottom text is designed to give teachers, parents, and caregivers more information about what the activity is addressing and its importance. This empowers adults with the knowledge of not only what to do to help kids develop skills, but how to do it, and why.

Whether you simply read through the book, do all 26 activities in a row, or something in between, know that each time a child interacts with Fine Motor ABC they are building skills for success.

For Therapists - A fun and engaging home program, Fine Motor ABC is designed to encourage interest and participation. It’s a great compliment to individualize therapeutic activities or can be used alone to develop foundational skills.

For Parents - Whether you want to support typical development or your child has been identified with a delay, Fine Motor ABC is a great tool to build skills.  Written in a children’s book format, it is fun to read and easy to implement.  With limited materials and set-up, you will be reading, rhyming, and strengthening fine motor skills in no time.

For Teachers - A resource to share with families or for use in your preschool or kindergarten classroom, Fine Motor ABC helps kids to develop the fine motor skills required for school success.  A valuable tool to support and enrich classroom experiences. 


About the Author

Stacie Erfle is a pediatric occupational therapist who loves books and helping children of all abilities learn and grow. These two passions came together to create Skill Builder Books, innovative resources designed to develop skills and provide parent education. Stacie has been an occupational therapist since 2006 and has devoted her career to working with children in clinical, home, and school based settings. 

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