Occupational Screening and Data Collection

Occupational Screening and Data Collection


A tool for OTs to collaborate with teachers when intervening on a Response to Intervention Basis. 

Designed to work closely with the Visual Motor Screening Request, this document is a crucial tool for true collaboration between professionals. Following therapist screening procedures (observations, writing sample review, etc), the therapist and classroom teacher can meet to discuss the strategies that will be incorporated, and how data will be collected to determine progress for those students who may need a little extra support.

This form can be individualized to student needs and classroom design. There is a 10-day data collection chart, for each two week intervention period. At each two weeks, teacher and therapist can reconvene to determine if progress is made or changes to intervention are necessary. Finally, there is a summary page to meet and determine if ongoing support or more intensive intervention is needed, or if the student is no longer demonstrating the initial concerning behavior.

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Heather Brohm is a graduate of Boston University and an occupational therapist with more than 5 years of experience in the schools. In addition to her work as an OT, she has had many other opportunities to learn from children, both professionally and personally.  Her professional interests include child development, transition, and evidence-based practice. 

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