The OT Sleep Intervention Package

The OT Sleep Intervention Package


The OT Sleep Intervention Package is an evidence based, CBT-I focused, complete collection of easy to use handouts that help occupational therapists meet the demands of challenging client sleep issues.

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  • Total pages: 15 + Spreadsheet
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  • Updated: 2017
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Here's what the OT Sleep Intervention Package includes:

Sleep Intervention Tool (1 page handout)

Choose the right intervention(s) for your clients with help from this overview document. 

Sleep Hygiene (2 page handout & 2 page journal)

Sleep hygiene refers to practices and behaviours that influence sleep. OTs assess personal, environmental, and occupational factors surrounding sleep and provide education and coaching to support client-centered learning and action to improve sleep. 2 page Handout & 2 page Journal

Stimulus Control (3 page handout & 1 page journal)

Stimulus Control refers to the relationship between 5 specific behaviours and the bedroom environment. OTs work with clients to assess these 5 behaviours and support clients to recognize and implement new practices consistent with positive sleep outcomes. 

Sleep Restriction (2 page handout)

Sleep restriction refers to the practice of improving sleep efficiency by limiting sleep to the hours a client is actually sleeping; then, gradually increasing total sleep time. OTs provide education, coaching, and monitoring of sleep restriction therapy to improve sleep issues. 

Sleep Restriction Calculator (Spreadsheet)

Quickly help your clients calculate a new bedtime and prescribe a specific sleep plan over the next 4 weeks with this spreadsheet. 

Relaxation Training (2 handouts)

OTs coach clients to use relaxation techniques to improve sleep. 

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation - refers to a relaxation technique that works by tensing and relaxing different muscles to bring about a state of deep relaxation.
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing - refers to a relaxation technique that works by using the diaphragm to draw air deep into the lungs to bring about a deeper state of relaxation.

General Sleep Journal (1 page journal)

A comprehensive paper-based sleep journal that can be used to track all sleep-related habits over a two week period.

Reference Guide (1 page list)

A list of key references used in the creation of this pack. 


ElevateOT is a team of three Canadian OTs: Mark Vasak, Ben Krieger and Devon Cochrane.  Our mission is to help Occupational Therapists excel in practice through effective resources and education. We translate the primary literature so you don't have to; saving you time and effectively helping Occupational Therapists quickly and confidently address specific issues in an evidence based way.

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