Selling OT: From Random Idea to Value Proposition

Selling OT: From Random Idea to Value Proposition


Do you have an idea for a new OT service or business but find yourself grappling with whether or how to pursue it? This book is for anyone thinking about making their OT-related idea into a reality.

Selling OT aims to take you to a place where you can think more creatively and widely about what you could do in private practice or what you could create and offer elsewhere, perhaps within a broader business or social enterprise. 

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  • Updated: November 2017
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  • Pages: 33

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If you are pondering the following thoughts and questions, this book is for you.

  • I want to do something different with my OT skills.
  • I want to start my own OT business.
  • This thing is based on OT, but may not be called OT.
  • What do I do with it next?
  • I have an idea for a product but don’t know if it’s any good… how should I develop it?
  • How do I sell “OT” and what it does?
  • How do I know that what I have to offer is wanted, needed and is of value?
  • How do I prove and communicate its value?

Headings in the book include:

  • Meaningful living, meaningful occupation – the new currency?
  • What OTs do and what could they do?
  • Combining what OT does, with what the world needs
  • From idea to value proposition
  • Your buyers
  • Prototyping and testing it out!
  • Evidence: how do we know it is of value and how will our customers know?
  • The challenges of entrepreneurship (and an ickle bit of advice)

Jen Gash OT Coach

About the Author

Jen Gash is an occupational therapist and life coach hailing from the UK. For almost 10 years, she has helped OTs wrestle through the decision-making process about starting their own endeavors. You can find more of her work at




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