OT Fieldwork Manual: Ready-to-go!

OT Fieldwork Manual: Ready-to-go!


The AOTA recommends that all fieldwork sites create an OT student fieldwork manual when hosting level 2 students, but the process can be daunting for busy occupational therapists.

This digital download fast tracks your completion of a comprehensive level II OT fieldwork manual that includes all of the recommended content

The ready-to-go content is designed to provide fieldwork educators and students a clear roadmap for the 12 weeks. The expectations and communication channels set forth in it are intended to safeguard you and the student if something is not working at the site. 

The document is fully editable so you can customize it to your site. 

  • Digital Download: Please download within 24 hours of accessing link.

  • Format: PDF, Editable Word document (.docx), Google Doc link is embedded in the “Note to FW Educators”

  • Published: Updated May 2019

  • 43 pages

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Additional Information

A fieldwork manual that helps you to focus providing great supervision when you host a student.

With this purchase, you receive a site license for the OT fieldwork manual. Meaning that you (and any OTs at your site) can continue to use this document as you welcome new students over the years. If you begin work at a new facility, please consider repurchasing.

The editable version offered is currently in Word for Mac and via Google Doc.

If you are unable to edit the fieldwork manual as needed or if you are simply unsatisfied with the product, email me for a full refund at sarah@otpotential.com.

A glance at the content:

  • Week-to-Week Schedule of Student Responsibilities

  • Student and Fieldwork Educator Expectations Agreement

  • Weekly Supervision Log

  • Learning Contract and Behavioral Objectives

  • Journal for Learning Objectives Processing and Personal Reflection

  • Suggested Assignments

The envisioned steps for using this fieldwork manual:

  1. Review content and edit as needed for your site.

  2. Print, put in a binder, and add dividers.

  3. In the Documentation section, add available examples and information.

  4. In the Policies section, add materials necessary for review.

  5. In the Evaluations section, include the AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation (typically provided by the school) and the Level II Fieldwork Midterm Feedback Form.

Want even more value for your buck?

This manual is included as a free bonus in the OT Potential Club, which only costs $25/year. So, you could join the Club and get this manual — and all of the OT Potential Club content — for $2 less than the stand-alone product.

Sarah Lyon, occupational therapist

About the Creator

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L

The release of this manual is the achievement of a dream of mine. I remember squeezing the time in between patients to create a fieldwork manual from scratch and dreaming of a website where I could share resources with other OTs so we could all focus on what we love most: great client care.

I've spent several years building this site to (hopefully) be a reliable resource for fellow OTs. It was a huge learning curve to create a website and digital products. Thank you to those who have supported me along the way! 

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