About OT Potential

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L, launched OT Potential in 2011 as a way to bridge the gap between the latest OT research and everyday OT practice. After graduating OT school and starting her career as a hospital therapist, Sarah found it increasingly difficult to deliver the type of OT care she aspired to.

She constantly wondered:

  • What new evidence is coming out that I’m not aware of?
  • What are the leading OTs doing that I’m not?

So, she set out to build a community of forward-thinking OT professionals who shared in her passion for informed, collaborative, evidence-based care. Over the years, OT Potential has evolved from an online club to an all-in-one occupational therapy toolset for members across 44 different countries.

Membership includes:

🎧 Unlimited AOTA-approved online CEUs + PDF certificates
🔍 OT Assessment Search tool
📋 Examples of OT notes and evals
📍 Personalized listing in a public OT Directory
🚀 So much more!

On the surface, OT Potential is a continuing education platform—but science, community, and diverse perspectives are at the heart of who we are and what we do.

We hope you’ll join in our mission to help each other become the best OTs we can be!

Purpose Statement

We empower OT practitioners with evidence and resources, so they can help create meaningful and lasting changes in the lives of their clients. ♥️

Mission Statement

To help the majority of occupational therapy practitioners from around the globe make a habit of regularly exploring new OT-related research. 🔍


Our core values at OT Potential are inspired by what we believe makes OT such a beautiful profession:

Improve Every Day: Becoming a better OT is a holistic process requiring consistent, daily progress.

Take Joy in Our Members: We take joy and pride in serving our members, recognizing that they are busy providing essential occupational therapy services.

Do Justice: We endeavor to tilt the scales toward a more just and humane world.

Our continuing education is approved by:

Our courses meet the requirements for:

We report course completions to CE Broker:

We partner with:

We give back by supporting:


OT Potential Clinical Advisory Board

Board members guide our efforts at OT Potential, helping us align our resources and programming to the needs of our diverse community of OT professionals.

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