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Sarah Lyon, OTR/L Owner of OT Potential


I’m thrilled to invite you to the new OT Potential Club, our new online journal club!

The heart of the club is weekly article discussions, designed to make it easy to incorporate evidence into your treatments.

There are also lots of bonuses I can’t wait for you to discover!

Sarah Lyon, OTR/ L, Owner of OT Potential




1. Quickly and easily researching a new diagnosis


2. Confidently taking control of your documentation—every day


3. Leaving work knowing you’re providing the best care possible


OT Miri

“Packed with valuable insights, tools and discounts, OT Potential remains one of my top go-tos for all things occupational therapy. I also really appreciate the thoughtfulness and detail with which Sarah delivers her content in her blog and I always learn so much from reading her articles. Bookmark her website—you won't regret it!”


Not ready to join the Club yet? That’s totally fine! We have tons of resources for helping you provide great care.

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It is possible to…

be more evidence-based,

document effectively,

AND leave work on time each day.