Find the Right OT Job.

Then Find OT Forms, Ebooks, and Handouts to Refine Your Occupational Therapy Practice. 


You work hard to provide the best care to your OT clients. But, in the busyness of patient care, your time can be limited to create new resources for your practice or take action on growing your career.

My name is Sarah Lyon, OTR/L and I am constistently working on your behalf to create resources that help you provide the best care possible

As OTs striving to provide great care, we are continually cycling through the following 4 steps. 


Wherever you are on your journey, may OT Potential be a valuable resource. 


1.) Find the Right Practice Area


Whether you are a new OT grad or looking to make a transition in your OT career, landing on the right practice area is critical. These OT interviews give insight into the perks and challenges of different OT settings. 


2.) Land the Right OT Job


Being in the wrong job is one of the biggest barriers to providing great care. Check out these 6 steps to landing the occupational therapy job that is right for you. 


3.) Refine Your OT Practice


When the demands of daily work feel like they are compromising your ability to provide great care, check out these OT resources for making your day more efficient and effective. 



4.) Celebrate and Share Information About Our Profession

It's such a privilege to be able to accompany our clients as they overcome challenges and transform their lives. Please don't forget this final step of taking time to celebrate their accomplishments and to share information about the occupational therapy process that helped enable them.

Below are two resources for sharing information about occupational therapy! 


Perks for Readers