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Did you know…

😮 About 1000 journal articles containing occupational therapy are published each year

😮 It takes an estimated 17 years for research to be incorporated into practice.

😳 Up to 45% of patients aren’t receiving care that is considered state-of-the-art.

😧 The amount of medical research is increasing exponentially each year (and it’s only getting harder to keep up).


With the OT Potential Club, you can feel confident your interventions are founded on the latest evidence.

✅ Weekly discussions on influential OT research

✅ Examples of beautiful, defensible OT notes and evals

✅ Tips on the best assessment tools out there

✅ Ongoing conversations with passionate fellow OTs

✅ Monthly bonus gifts to reward you for advancing our profession

✅ Help for those panicked moments when the next person on your caseload has a diagnosis you’ve never treated.



👋 Hi!

I know you care deeply about your patients, and you want to provide them with the best care possible. But, honestly, as occupational therapy practitioners, we often work in environments where it’s challenging to keep up with new evidence. The OT Potential Club is seeking to change that. We strive to keep you up-to-date and confident that you are truly helping patients craft lives they love.

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L, Founder of OT Potential


Your Questions Answered

What does the OT Potential Club look like?

Great question! The Club experience is like Reddit mixed with Facebook. We provide the article discussion starter, and the community creates the conversation.

Here’s what it looks like when you land on the homepage:


And here’s an example of an article page:


Each and every week, you will find a brand-new article, complete with links to read the full journal article—along with any applicable example assessments and bonus documentation.

But, the best part about being part of the OT Potential Club is the community. When like-minded OTs come together to discuss best practices, we elevate the profession from the ground up.


Will there be prizes?

Heck yes! 💰💰💰

We will initially be offering $100 per week to the most helpful and liked comment of the week.

What topics are covered?

For 2019, the article topics are pulled from the 50 Most Influential OT-Related Articles of the past five years.

Our current topic list includes:

✅ Autism

✅ Parkinson’s Disease

✅ Stroke

✅ Chronic Pain

✅ Sensory Difficulties

✅ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

✅ Breathlessness

✅ Schizophrenia

✅ Pediatrics

We will also be adding in some bonus pediatric content this year.

How much does it cost?

Our most popular membership is only $39/year. We also have monthly and group plans available.

What if I don’t have any time to sort through every topic to try to find the one I’m searching for?

We’re with you! When a patient walks in with something new or unexpected, or maybe just something you haven’t brushed up on in a while, you need to be able to find the information you’re looking for fast. Thankfully, our search engine is fast and precise!

With just a quick tap of the keys, you’ll have all of the applicable articles ripe and ready to go.


What if I want a refund?

Just shoot me a message if you feel like the content is not worth the money, and I will send you a refund!


Bonus Gifts!

Weekly articles discussions will keep best practices at the top of your mind, but we’re hoping to equip you with knowledge AND power! That’s why every month we release special bonus gifts to members of the OT Potential Club.



Aaron Anderson

“As an OT student, the OT Potential Club is preparing me to excel as an evidence-based practitioner. I recommend it for anyone serious about keeping up to date with and learning to apply the latest evidence — a task that the Club makes simple and enjoyable!”



Monika Lukasiewicz

“I have already been inspired to be a better OT because of my exposure to this Club. I truly love what it brings to the table for accessing quality research in a timely and simple way. It's also awesome to have the chance to win $100 with any post because each week it’s given away to the post with the most likes. It’s fun, useful and a great incentive to build value for the whole community reading.”


It is possible to…

be evidence-based,

document effectively,

AND leave work on time each day.

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