MedBridge Promo Code (Best Deal as of April 2019!)

Looking for a MedBridge Promo Code? Use this one for $175 off the service (you pay $200)! Article also includes essential tips for getting started with your MedBridge Subscription!

Are you an looking for a promo code to receive a MedBridge Education discount?

The promotional code below gives you $175 off!

At 46.7% off, this is the best discount available to individual OT/OTAs, PT/PTAs, AT/ATCs, and RNs. 

And SLPs receive 64.8% off! There's a lower starting cost because, while there are plenty of relevant SLP-related courses available already, MedBridge is still actively working to build out its offerings in that arena.

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Go to the following link:

THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS DISCOUNT: Once you use it at MedBridge to obtain a reduced price point, it will renew at the discounted price!

Here’s what you’ll pay when enter my code, broken down by profession:

  • OTs and COTAs: $200 for the Education Plan or $250 for the Premium Plan

  • PTs and PTAs: $200 for the Education Plan or $250 for the Premium Plan

  • Nurses: $200 for the Education Plan (Premium Plan has not yet been released.)

  • ATs and ATCs: $200 for the Education Plan or $250 for the Premium Plan.

  • SLPs: $95 for the Education Plan or $145 for the Premium Plan.

  • All Students: There’s a special code for you! The code OTpotentialStudent lets you pay just $100 for a student subscription plan. Please note that the code should only be used by students, as CEUs are not awarded with this code. Students must use a “.edu” email address to receive the discount.

Looking for a group discount on MedBridge? 

You can get an even deeper cut when your whole clinic/department signs up through the MedBridge Enterprise Solution! (This is actually the best discount available!) 

Not only do you get a significant discount, but you also get access to their sweet learning management system! Only teams of 5 or more qualify. 

Learn more about how the Enterprise Solution could elevate your team. 

Disclaimer: I am a long-time affiliate, user, and admirer of MedBridge. When you sign up for the demo through my page, a cut of the sale goes toward OT Potential, which helps us create more resources for therapists.

Ok, BEFORE you head back to the MedBridge site to plug-in the promo code, I want to give you two more things.

  1. 3 Essential Tips to Maximize Your MedBridge Subscription

  2. Guidance if You Are Still on the Fence

3 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your Use of MedBridge

First a note.

These CEU tracking tips are mostly for new grads or people who are new to online subscriptions.

(If you are a practice owner or large business, there is a lot your company could do with a MedBridge subscription. But this is not the place to learn about it. This is just the basics.)

1.) Look-up your continuing education requirements for licensing

Every state has different CEU requirements for occupational therapy practitioners. It is important that you understand the requirements for renewal in your state.

Action steps:

a. Go to your state's department of health and human services website, and look for the following information:

  • How many CEU hours will you need to renew your license?

  • When do you need to meet all of the requirements for renewal?

  • Can the hours all be online?

  • What do you need as evidence of completing your course?

b. Mark license renewal dates on your personal calendar.

c. Print off the requirements and store in a safe place for easy access.

2.) Add your license information to MedBridge

Now that you have your renewal date, you can add your license information to MedBridge. Doing so ensures that both your license information and the course approval language (if required and applicable) will be printed directly onto your certificate. Having your license number on your certificate is required by some states, but not all.

Better safe than sorry.

Action step:

a. Add license information as pictured in the image below.

Add your license information to ensure your CEU certificate is correct in your new MedBridge account.

2.)  Make a plan for your CEU intake

I’ve been able to LOLz with several OT colleagues about the last-minute scramble many of us have gone through to complete CEU requirements.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You will get more out of your CEUs if you have a plan.

Spacing out your CEUs allows you to take time to implement what you learn into your practice. It also allows you to delve into different quandaries as they are coming up in your practice.

Action steps to take:

a. Bookmark the classes you want to take.

MedBridge has an option to bookmark courses you are interested in. So, take a few minutes right when you get the subscription to explore the catalogue and find the course(s) that will be most beneficial to your practice. (See image below for how this will appear in your account.)

b. Put a due date on your calendar for their completion.

Now give yourself several due dates throughout the year for getting these done. (Do this on your personal calendar; MedBridge does not yet have a system for doing this on the site.)

Maybe once a quarter, mark a morning you want to dedicate to improving your practice?

The more specific the better. (For example: July 8th, 2018, Complete Fundamentals of TE 1&2).

Make a plan for what CEUs you want to take over the next year or two and bookmark them on your MedBridge dashboard!

3.)  Decide how you will track your CEUs

If all of your CEUs will be completed in MedBridge, this step is easy. They will be automatically added to your tracker and, in the case of an audit, you will simply get the information from there.

If you are planning on attending a conference or getting additional CEUs through another service, you will need to do a little more work....but not much.

You can add the details of the CEU to the tracker, but you will still need to physically store your certificate somewhere. This could be as simple as a folder. Designate this folder as you are making your CEU plan, so you aren't frantically going through every OT paper you've ever accumulated in the boxes in the back the back of your closet. Not that has ever happened to me :-)

Action steps to take:

a. Sit back and have MedBridge do most of the work for you.

b. Designate a folder to store certificates from other CEU endeavors.

Use the CEU Tracker on MedBridge in combination with a CE binder to track all of your CEU information.

Still on the fence?

If you are still on the fence about whether this is the right CEU service for you, you can see my posts:

If you are specifically contemplating the Premium Plan, see my post on leveraging the MedBridge GO app.

I believe that this is a great option for many OTs, PTs, Nurses, and SLPs, but—like every service—it is not right for everyone.

MedBridge Promo Code: