OT Association Affiliate Plan

OT Association Affiliate Plan

Create a revenue stream for your OT association—and add to your member benefits!

Your OT association will get:

✅ 25% commission of each attributed sale
🌍 A directory page featuring a map of your members!

Your members will get:

✅ 25% off the OT Potential Club
📍 A free OT Directory listing

Our OT Association Partners

See examples of directory pages from our current partners!

On one of the most prominent pages of our website, we will also be promoting your membership discount! To see our current partners, select “discounts” on this page.

Or contact us to set up a call.

4 steps to get up and rolling as affiliate for the OT Potential Club:

We recommend adding the following information to your OT association website. Feel free to copy and paste this text or change it to fit your website needs:

Through our partnership with OT Potential, our members receive:

(We are an affiliate of OT Potential, and part of your purchase comes back to support our association!) Login to access both of these offers!

We recommend adding a section or block of text for your members in your member portal area where they can find your OT association sign up link. Again, feel free to copy and paste this text:

For being a member, here are exclusive opportunities through OT Potential:

Sign up through this link:

<<insert unique link here>>

AND, plug-in the code <<insert Free code here>> for a free directory profile.

OR use the code <<insert Club code here>> to  get 25% off the OT Potential Club membership.

Once you have the above steps completed, now it's time to let your members know!

We're so excited to have you as an affiliate. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions as you get started.

Or contact us to set up a call.