OT School Plan

OT School Plan

Empower your occupational therapy students to be lifelong learners, keep current with evidence, and jumpstart their career.

Through the OT Potential school plan, your entire institution can leverage the full benefits of the OT Potential Club.

Small OT School
$399 / year
Cancel anytime.
25-50 Accredited Class Size
Single Campus
Medium OT School
$599 / year
Cancel anytime.
51-75 Accredited Class Size
Single Campus
Large OT School
Cancel anytime.
76+ Accredited Class Size
Single or Multi-Site Campus

OT School Plan benefits:

✅ Free access for students (3 years) — Students in your program enjoy the full benefits of the OT Potential Club.

✅ Free access for faculty (as long as plan is active) — Enjoy the full benefits of the OT Potential Club.

✅ Landing page for your school — We’ll highlight the directory profiles from your school, and the benefits of your program.

✅ Capstone dissemination option — Give your students the chance to publicly disseminate their capstone. 20k OT professionals will be notified when a new capstone is added.

How the membership works for schools

A representative from your school can select the appropriate plan above and make a payment. This will set in motion the following steps:

  • We will contact you with an exclusive pathway for students and faculty to create a free account. Students and faculty are responsible for managing their own account.

  • We will also begin building your school’s directory page, and reach out to you for input on the langague.

How your students and school will benefit

Institutional Memberships include access to:

  1. The OT Potential Club: Include evidence reviews, podcasts, and quizzes into your courses to spark student engagement. The OT Potential Club includes:

    • 💬 Journal Article Reviews
    • 📋 Documentation Examples
    • 🎓 Capstone Catalog
    • 🎧 Podcast-based Courses (AOTA-approved)
    • 📍 OT Directory Profile Builder

  2. Your School Directory Landing Page: Promote your student’s and faculty’s visibility through their ability to create a professional profile. These profiles will all be featured on an exclusive landing page. Alumni who are members of the OT Potential Club and create a profile will also be featured on this page, to give prospective students and the public a full sense of your program. Students can also use this directory to find open jobs, and capstone mentors posted by alumni.

  3. The Capstone Library: Your students can upload their culminating scholarly work to a library for access by other occupational therapy professionals. The library is visible to the public. When new capstones are added, we alert our mailing list of 20K OT professionals.

Related ACOTE Standards

  • Be prepared to be a lifelong learner to keep current with evidence-based professional practice (Preamble).

  • The curriculum must include preparation to practice as a generalist with a broad exposure to practice settings (e.g., school, hospital, community, long-term care) and practice areas, including new and emerging areas (as defined by the program). The curriculum must prepare students to work with a variety of populations including, but not limited to, infants, children, adolescents, adults, and older adults in areas of physical and mental health (A.5.1.).

  • Provide an opportunity for scholarly reports to be made available to professional or public audiences (OTD, OTM, B.6.3.).

  • Demonstrate the skills to understand a scholarly report (OTA, OTA-B, B.6.3.).

How your students and school will be featured

Below is an example OT School Directory page.

Nebraska Methodist College OT Directory Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Each 1 hour course includes:

  • A written review of the research
  • A podcast episode
  • For courses released after June 2023, a YouTube video of the episode
  • Supplemental materials
  • A quiz to earn a certificate 
  • Certificates of complete is earned when a quiz is passed at 80% or higher

When applicable, assessments are featured in our assessment search. And, accompanying documentation examples are shared when supplied by guests.

As of June 2023, our new courses will have the accessibility features offered by YouTube: closed captions and a live transcript. For our podcast, we generate full PDF transcripts by request.

If you would like one for any of the courses please contact us.

Because of our high domain authority, our pages tend to rank very well on Google. Our hope is that when people search the program, your directory will appear on page one of their Google Search.

Your school will also be highlighted on our post about OT Schools. If you are a Top 20 School per US News and World Report you will also be featured on one of our most popular blog posts, How to Become an OT.

Your school may also decide to link directly to their page on their website.

No. It is the policy of OT Potential to never sell member information. When a directory profile is created, members have the ability to decide what to share publicly.

Cancel your membership renewal by contacting us at anytime. When you cancel, you’ll still be able to use your plan until the end of your subscription period.

Your students who already signed up can manage their accounts until their 3 years have expired, at which point they can decide if they'd like to renew on their own.

Your faculty can also continue to manage their own accounts and decide to renew when their one-year membership term has concluded.

If you have more questions, contact us. We’re happy to help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.