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Irvin Eisenberg



Small outpatient practice focused on posture and pain management.


My interest in the body and health started in college where I studied dance and choreography at Bard College. My interest deepened with training in the Barbara Brennan healing science and my introduction to Reiki.  

While I love dance and the human form I had very little talent for dance and exhibited poor rhythm.  As a result, I left college to go to massage school.  In time, I graduated from the 1000-hour Finger Lakes School of Massage program in 2007 and continued my personal studies.

I became fascinated with connective tissue (fascia) and studied under a Rolfer ® for 2 years before attending Tom Myers’ program Anatomy Trains Structural Integration ®.

After graduating I continued to study with various students of Dr. Ida P Rolf.  But I wanted to meet more of my client’s needs, and went back to school (Utica College) to complete my BS and get a 69 credit MS in Occupational Therapy.

Since graduating in 2018, with my broader skillsets and the ability to accept insurance as payment, I’ve been able to help an ever-growing number of people in Central Vermont. 

I am continually fascinated with the human body and am currently studying the neuroscience of pain to help prevent and reduce chronic pain.

I currently enjoy hiking, dodgeball, and “doing circus tricks” with my 5-year-old.


Licensed in: Vermont

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Montpelier, Vermont
United States
Profile last updated: September 12, 2023

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