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Meg Proctor

Meg Proctor is not currently accepting clients, but would like to connect with fellow OT professionals.


We provide CE training on strengths-based, neurodiversity-affirming approaches to working with autistic people.


Meg Proctor is the founder of Learn Play Thrive, LLC, where she teaches therapists to use a deep understanding of autism learning styles to guide their work. She is a former faculty member of UNC’s TEACCH® Autism Program and an AOTA and ASHA-approved course provider. Meg collaborates with Autistic consultants and instructors to provide trainings that are impactful on therapists' day-to-day work and also reflect the lived experiences of the Autistic community. Meg also hosts the podcast Two Sides of the Spectrum, designed to help OTs better take the perspective of our neurodivergent clients. To dive into Meg’s work, start with the free masterclass:

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Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Profile last updated: February 23, 2023

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  • Supporting Adults on the Spectrum