OT Potential Club Gift Membership

 OT Potential Club Gift Memberships

Give the gift of community.

There is no greater gift than a support network. In today’s healthcare climate, it’s easy to feel isolated—especially when you’re a student or new grad. There isn’t always time for mentorship, and it can be a challenge to find guidance on tough cases. But even seasoned clinicians and educators need community to thrive.

Occupational therapy is a profession founded on the ideas of community engagement and lifelong learning. OTs need to stay connected in order to stay passionate and excited about their work—and connection is exactly what what they find in the OT Potential Club. Community is the foundation of staying informed, and staying informed is the foundation of providing the best possible care to patients.

That’s why the gift of OT Potential Club membership is so valuable.

The OT Potential Club is our evidence-based practice platform. It is our “happy place,” where occupational therapy professionals can discuss new research, share treatment ideas, celebrate wins, and support each other during tough times. It also provides the practical help to become the best OT you can be, with tools including:

  • 💬 Journal Article Reviews
  • 📋 Documentation Examples
  • 🎓 Capstone Catalog
  • 🎧 Podcast-based Courses
  • 📍 OT Directory Profile Builder

How to send your gift:

Sending a gift membership is super easy!

You submit the initial payment, which will initiate an email to your recipient. They will then be prompted to create their account, and they will be responsible for managing their membership moving forward.

The recipient can either enjoy the single year you gifted, or they can choose to enter their own payment information to renew at a later date.