OT Potential Club Group Memberships

Thank you for your interest in group memberships. We are launching a pilot program for classrooms, programs and therapy clinics.

The experience for the participants will be the same for the individual memberships, except there will be one admin who can purchase the plan and distribute the available seats to their group via a unique URL.

Pricing of individual memberships is currently $25 per year, but through the pilot group plan, pricing will be between $5 to $10 per seat and the entire group membership will be billed on a yearly basis.

Group Discount for Your Classroom or Program

If you would like to pass the cost on to your students and have them purchase a membership individually, you can share the following promo code.


If they enter this promo code while signing up for the yearly individual plan, they will receive 50% off of the first year of their subscription, at which point they will manage their subscription on an individual basis.

Group Discount for Your Therapy Clinic

What to expect when you sign up for a Group Membership

As the group admin, you simply need to sign up then email out your unique group link to your members. They will be responsible for creating their own login and password.


Clicking on this link will give you a unique URL to send to your group members. As people begin to sign up through the link, the number of available seats will count down until you’ve used all of your available seats.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any question about your group membership. You can chat us anytime via the chat box in the corner of your screen.