Home Health OT Strategies & Insights Ebook

Home Health OT Strategies & Insights Ebook


Do-it-today strategies and insights for enhancing your home health occupational therapy practice... and life. A great book for anyone looking to truly revitalize their practice or for someone who is just getting started as a home health OT. 

The book is divided into 2 sections. The first section is focused on practical advice for the session with patient. The second section is focused on strategies for maximizing the rest of your day. 

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  • Format: PDF
  • Page count: 44
  • Published: June 2015
  • Last Updated: May 2016

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Additional Information

The book includes: 

  • Evaluation script ideas
  • Printable evaluation checklist
  • Power words for documentation
  • Helpful phrases from overcoming objections
  • A list with hyperlinks to useful assessments
  • Organizational tips
  • 11 items worth owning
  • Printable CEU tracker
  • 11 self assessments

...and more! 

Read an interview with Monika, see a complete chapter listing, and access an excerpt on the Potential blog. 

Monika lives and works in Eugene, Oregon. 

Monika lives and works in Eugene, Oregon. 

About the Author

Monika is a creative spirit who has always enjoyed playing with words, creating, teaching, being active and problem solving.  She was born and raised in the midwest (Nebraska). She spent her early years playing a teacher and greeting card designer (ages 10-13).  Later in life, she pursued a deep desire to explore the Pacific Northwest.  She decided to move to Eugene, OR from Omaha, NE in 2012.  She does her best to practice of mindfulness, invest time to just take in what’s happening, to be with solid peeps,  and learn about the evolving world.  Her career as an OT began in NE as a local contract therapist which provided opportunities to work in outpatient, inpatient, acute care, inpatient rehab, skilled nursing facilities, and home health.  She taught as an adjunct at the College of St Mary. You can reach her via LinkedIn or at polishyourlight@gmail.com.

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