OT Flow Survey: Find your flow

OT Flow Survey
Find Your Flow Preview
OT Flow Survey
Find Your Flow Preview

OT Flow Survey: Find your flow


It’s about you finding your flow. Use this simple form once or daily. It takes research on flow and packs it down into a usable-today self-survey. The result? You begin applying research today which means less stress and more energy to explore, love and work well.  

As an OT looking for an antidote to burnout, I wanted an effective (and immediate if possible) solution to focus on instead of stress. After using this new survey I thought, “Flow is something I am capable of creating in my life today. I better understand how to match evidence-based flow strategies to my actual life in doable (and repeatable) ways.” See below for more input from the author.

  • Self-survey Format; 14 Questions, 15 Evidence-Based Strategies
  • Digital Download
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 2
  • Created in 2015, Updated 2017

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A Note and Video From the Author

Hi there!

First, a big thank you for looking at an opportunity to engage more fully in your life.

This form was updated after I found myself (as a home health OT, tiny house builder on the weekends, partner, friend and family member) thinking more often than I wanted to admit:

“I WOULD LOVE TO FEEL LESS STRESSED AT WORK! I believe I’m capable of having more flow...and I’m just not sure the best ways to do it and don’t have time to research it.”

Or so I thought I didn’t have time to research (more) into it. I went back to the research and it really hit me how important and huge of an element being mindful is to flow experiences (there are more elements than just this though).

I re-created the form to be more comprehensive, clear and effective. It’s format is based on a layout used in research called an experiential sample form. As I used the updated version, I discovered deeper insights and was able to match evidence-based strategies the next time a similar scenario arose to test my willingness to create flow versus stress. Now I notice a more natural habit to review the elements of flow mentally when I’m feeling stuck and act on one, even and especially if it’s not perfect.

Wondering how to use the form?

  • Print the 2 pages front-to-back, at least 5 copies.  
  • Keep the copies in easy reach.  
  • Reach and write, especially as soon as you notice stress (and have 5 minute to jot observations).
  • Choose one scenario to reference per sheet (begin to notice your patterns and match them to evidence-based strategies).
  • Use the form once or often.

Wishing you true flow and happiness, and compassion for all the learning in between.


P.S. I welcome your comments or shared experiences with it at n2strengths@gmail.com

Details about Use

This product has been created for personal use. Please encourage other interested parties to purchase a personal copy. Each purchase comes with lifetime access to the most up-to-date version of this form (i.e. any future updates will be provided to individual purchasers at no additional cost).

About the Author

Monika started writing for OT Potential after working as an OT for nearly 6 years. After spending time in outpatient, acute, inpatient rehab and SNFs as a local contract OT in Nebraska, she found her niche in home health. She started writing more when she realized there was a lack of resources that emphasized effective do-it-today strategies for the home health OT. She takes what helps in her own occupational therapy practice, and creates simple, potent content to help you, her fellow OT.

She believes that as you develop unique strategies to ground and care for yourself while practicing as an OT, that your clients and practice (not to mention life) naturally become more potent and meaningful. So she writes to help support that as a vision for the world.

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