OT Month Toolkit

OT Month Toolkit


The OT Month Toolkit contains the supplies you need to celebrate OT Month in your occupational therapy department. With this purchase, you receive digital copies of the the following items:

  • "What Is OT?" handout (PDF)

  • "A Brief History of OT" handout (PDF)

  • An "April Is OT Month" sign (PDF)

  • "OT Creed" pin-up (PDF)

  • A design for a 5x7 postcard

  • A powerpoint background (HD and SD sizes)

(The toolkit is best suited for OTs in the United States, as it focuses on US OT history and celebrates April as OT Month.)

Please download files within 24 hours of accessing link.

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If you are unsure how to celebrate OT month in your occupational therapy department this year, check out this OT Month Toolkit! It has everything you need to celebrate in style!

Ideas for Using The OT Month Toolkit

When I began work a rural hospital, I always felt overwhelmed every time OT month came around. I wanted to celebrate, but I was so busy with patient care that little materialized in April. This toolkit contains everything you will need to kick off a great OT month celebration. Here are some suggestions for how to utilize the items:

Are you ready for Occupational Therapy Month in April? This OT Month Toolkits contains everything you needs to jumpstart your celebration, including a "What is OT?" handout, a history of OT handout, and pin-ups for your OT department office.
  • Distribute handouts (along with treats!) to fellow employees over a designated lunch period

  • Use the pin-ups to add swag to your office

  • Write thank you notes on the postcard and send them to referral sources and vendors

  • Host a lunch and learn using the powerpoint background

For more suggestions check out the blog post How to Celebrate OT Month!

Suggestions for Printing

You will be able to use this digital product to print the number of items you need for this year and for future OT months. You can print them on your department's color printer or consider one of these options:

  • Your hospital's marketing department

  • A local print store (such as a Fed Ex Store)

  • An online service such as Moo

Site License

With this purchase, you receive a site license, which means you and any other therapists at your site can use the files for years to come. If you move to a different work setting, please consider repurchasing. 

Not Satisfied? Ask me for a full refund. 

My goal in making and sharing this kit to help make my fellow OT's life a little easier. If for whatever reason this product does not work for you, please email at sarah@otpotential.com and I will be happy to refund your purchase. 

About the Creator

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L created Potential in 2012. She was fresh out of school and looking for resources to help her serve her clients at her first job. 

Over the years, the platform has allowed her to respond to the challenges she and her colleagues face, by penning blog articles, creating an OT job search option, and by creating the OT Potential Store. 

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