The Flat Head Syndrome Fix

The Flat Head Syndrome Fix


A Guide To Simple And Surprising Strategies For Preventing Plagiocephaly And Rounding Out Baby's Flat Spots Without A Helmet

In this guide, pediatric Occupational Therapist Rachel Coley, MS/OT/L shares the whole truth about what's causing alarming and increasing rates of head flattening in babies, a useful framework for understanding infant positioning and steps you can take starting TODAY to impact the head shape and promote healthy development in your own babies or those you work with. 

This is a great resource for parents who are OTs and for pediatric OTs who are interested in learning more about flat head syndrome from a fellow OT. 

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  • Format: PDF
  • Published: 2015
  • 143 pages

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Flat Head Syndrome Fix Ebook by Rachel Coley, Occupational Therapist

Table of Contents

Part 1: Debunking Flat Head Syndrome Myths

  1. Myth: Head Shape Is Purely About Appearance
  2. Myth: The Back to Sleep Campaign Is To Blame
  3. Myth: More Tummy Time Is The Solution
  4. Myth: The "Wait and See" Approach Works
  5. A Word About Guilt
  6. The Truth About What Flattens Heads
  7. The Real Key to Fighting Flat Head Syndrome

Part 2: My Baby's Head is Round - Isn't It?

  1. Weekly Head Shape Checks
  2. A Look At Different Head Shapes
  3. Preferred Positions and Torticollis

Part 3: Keep It Round

  1. A Balanced Positioning Diet
  2. The Proactive Positioning Pyramid
  3. Healthy and Safe Sleep Positioning
  4. Inconvenient Truths About Baby Gear
  5. Moderate and Intentional Baby Gear Use
  6. Proactive Positioning in Baby Gear
  7. When Baby's In a Stroller
  8. Sidelying
  9. Tummy Time 
  10. Wearing and Holding Your Baby
  11. Playtime on the Back
  12. Simple Tweaks To Your Daily Baby Care
  13. Sitting - Is Your Baby Ready?

Part 4: Round It Back Out

  1. Is Flat Head Syndrome Really Reversible?
  2. Establish A Baseline and Document Change
  3. Have Baby’s Head Shape Evaluated
  4. If Baby's Head Is Flat Across The Back
  5. If Baby's Head Is Flattening on One Side
  6. If Baby's Head Is Flat Across the Back and On One Side
  7. If Baby's Head Is Narrow and Long
  8. Does My Baby Need A Helmet?

Occupational Therapist, Rachel Coley

About the Author

Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L, is an Occupational Therapist specializing in early childhood wellness and development. Through her blog CanDo Kiddo, her books and parent resources, Rachel supports families in confidently and playfully promoting their babies’ and toddlers’ best beginnings. Her professional expertise in early childhood neurodevelopment, sensory-motor development, feeding, Plagiocephaly and Torticollis (head and neck issues of infancy) collide with her personal experiences as a mother to bring fellow parents down-to earth, practical advice rooted in science. Rachel is passionate about encouraging parents to give babies ample opportunities for free movement and play from birth and reduce the amount of time babies spend confined in baby gear. 


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