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Pooja A. Patel



Raised among four grandparents, I'm on a mission to improve the future of aging for our loved ones through consulting, community education, and preventative health solutions.


Dr. Patel is the founder and primary consultant of a private practice targeting family and caregiver education related to senior care. She has been an acute care occupational therapist for 5+ years primarily serving the geriatric population with attention to dementia care, fall prevention, and chronic disease management. She is also currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Delaware State University teaching Adult & Geriatric Mental Health & Psychosocial Practice. She additionally hosts the Aging Together Podcast, currently available on Spotify & Amazon Music. Dr. Patel formerly served as the National President of Pi Theta Epsilon from November 2017 to April 2022. As PTE President, she also served as a member of the AOTF Board of Trustees.


Licensed in: Illinois

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  • OT and Falls Prevention