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Winnie Tsui

Winnie Tsui is not currently accepting clients, but would like to connect with fellow OT professionals.


I am fortunate to be able to combine my interest in hand therapy and developing technology in my work with Squegg.


Winnie is an occupational and certified hand therapist with a passion for developing good technology in the healthcare space. For over 10 years, she was a clinical specialist in hand therapy at the NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation. Winnie was part of the clinical team treating the world's first bilateral hands and face transplant in 2021. She currently teaches hand therapy as an adjunct professor at Long Island University. Parallel to hand therapy, she  explore and develop innovative and impactful technology for healthcare including ground breaking tech companies like Neurolutions, Kaia Health, OpticSurg. Currently she is combining her hand therapy and tech development experience to work with Squegg as a Product Manager and Clinical Expert to develop the first portable digital dynamometer for assessment and training.


Additional School: New York University
Licensed in: New York

Contact Info

Brooklyn, New York 11201
United States
Profile last updated: April 6, 2023

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