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Bryden Carlson-Giving



Doctoral student and neurodivergent therapist with clinical interests in neurodiversity-affirming approaches and top-down assessments and strategies.


Bryden Carlson-Giving is a neurodivergent and disabled occupational therapy practitioner with experience in pediatric outpatient, inpatient, and school-based settings. He is passionate about community-defined evidence practice, mental health promotion, trauma-informed care, and incorporating strengths-based approaches to promote a positive self-identity for his students.

Bryden’s work includes encouraging a shift away from an impairment-based perspective and returning to strengths-based, occupation-centered practices, with his doctoral research including partnering with neurodivergent practitioners around the globe to create the first neurodiversity-affirming occupational therapy model. He seeks to promote neurodiversity-affirming practices, amplify the voices of the Disability community, and challenge ableism within healthcare and research. Bryden is the creator of Neurodivergent Nexus, an online resource hub to support practitioners in utilizing neurodiversity-affirming strategies. From helping individuals discover and embrace their sensory processing differences to collaborating with their family and education team to improve their ability to be neurodiversity-affirming, Bryden aims to maximize his client's quality of life and well-being to support authentic, neurodivergent development.


Licensed in: Minnesota

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Buffalo, Minnesota 55313
United States
Profile last updated: March 5, 2024

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