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Monika Lukasiewicz OTR/L, COPE Certified, Skills2care Certified

Monika Lukasiewicz

OTR/L, COPE Certified, Skills2care Certified

Monika Lukasiewicz

OTR/L, COPE Certified, Skills2care Certified


Using creativity, evidence, and community into the practice of OT to enhance the delivery and overall inspiration in home, community and clinical dementia care— COPE Program.


Monika works as the COPE Director for a non-profit in Mesa, AZ. She is currently focusing on accepting clients through the Dementia Hub by Oakwood Creative Care to address the life experiences that can need extra attention when living with dementia. This includes addressing 1) improving quality of life,  2) improving confidence in handling behaviors related to dementia, 3) decreasing institutionalization, 4) decreasing stress and 5)  improving participation for individuals living with a form of dementia. This also includes living with IDD and a form of dementia, or living at home with a loved one with a form of dementia. Monika earned her Master’s of Occupational Therapy from College of St. Mary in 2009. Since then, she has worked in acute care, acute rehab, ICU, skilled nursing, outpatient, as an adjunct professor and home health. The majority of her career–and passion–has been in home health. Now she is honored to be implementing evidence-based occupational therapy in dementia care using the COPE Program (developed by Drexel University as part of a Federal Grant from the Administration on Community Living (ACL) under an Alzheimer's Dementia Program Initiative (ADPI) awarded to the non-profit Oakwood Creative Care in Mesa, AZ. She is trained in the COPE (Care of Older People in their Environment), Skills2care, motivational interviewing, healthy habit development, lifestyle redesign, Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP).


Licensed in: Arizona

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