OT & Smart Home Tech Adoption

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OT & Smart Home Tech Adoption with Carol Chiang

The research we’ve explored on the podcast, seems to be pointing to a new reality: 

The future of healthcare will be in the home. 

But, how will we get there? How will our homes ever be ready to age in place?

The transition is going to be a complex story of the right technologies, the right funding, and the right narratives. All of which will ultimately lead to the end goal of tech adoption. 

The article we will explore in this 1-hour course focuses on smart home technology adoption. It showcases just how complex tech adoption is. But, it also gives a glimpse of the factors occupational therapy professionals should be considering when introducing new technology to your client. 

After breaking down the article we will be joined by Carol Chiang OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM, CHAMP will join us to discuss what this all means for your occupational therapy practice, and our profession. 

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Primary Journal Article Explored

When you log in, be sure to check out the OT Potential Club’s written breakdown of the following research article. Then, share your questions and thoughts with fellow practitioners.

Arthanat, S., Wilcox, J., & Macuch, M. (2019). Profiles and Predictors of Smart Home Technology Adoption by Older Adults. OTJR : occupation, participation and health, 39(4), 247–256.

Supporting Research and Journal Articles

Miranda-Duro, M. del, Nieto-Riveiro, L., Concheiro-Moscoso, P., Groba, B., Pousada, T., Canosa, N., &; Pereira, J. (2021). Occupational therapy and the use of technology on older adult fall prevention: A scoping review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(2), 702. 

Struckmeyer, L. R., Campbell, N., Ellison, C., Ahrentzen, S., &; Classen, S. (2021). Home modifications and repurposing: Perspectives on the accessibility, affordability, and attractiveness. Disability and Rehabilitation, 44(17), 4619–4628.

Resources for OT professionals

1. Re-thinking Aging Group on Clubhouse

2. State Assistive Programs: Florida,  Pennsylvania

3. Smart Home Presentation @ Rehab Tech Summit:  How to Include Smart Home Technology into your Therapeutic Interventions

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to identify indicators related to tech-readiness in older adults. 
  • You will be able to recognize client factors that drive tech adoption.


Intro (5 minutes)

Breakdown and analysis of journal article (5 minutes)

  • Intro to smart home tech for aging in place
  • The past research on smart home tech adoption
  • What was the purpose of this paper?
  • What were the methods?
  • What were the results?
  • Conclusion
  • Takeaways for OT practitioners

Discussion on practical implications for OTs (with Carol Chiang) (50 minutes)

  • Tell us how you first found OT. 
  • How did you become interested in Aging in Place?
  • How is your entrepreneurial work different from traditional OT work?
  • What were your initial impressions of the article?
  • Did the 13 smart home technologies listed align with what you consider for aging in place?
  • How do you weigh tech-adoption readiness when you do your initial consult?
  • What factors do you see in your work that really support tech adoption?
  • How are people paying for aging in place technologies?
  • It feels like there are so many aging in place technologies coming out, how do you personally keep up?
  • The future of medicine is in the home—how would you like to see OT evolve to help meet this challenge? 

Contact Hours

1 hour (0.1 AOTA CEUs). Released online from Aurora, NE.

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Target Audience/Educational Level

Our target audience is occupational therapy practitioners who are looking to learn about OT & Smart Home Tech Adoption.  The educational level is introductory.

Instructional Methods/Registration/Special Needs Requests/Cancellation Policy

This course is an independent/self-study course delivered via podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Explore your listening options on the OT Potential Podcast page.

If you need accommodations to take this course, please contact us and we will address your needs on an individual basis.

If this course were to be canceled, please see our cancellation policy on our terms page.

Course Completion Requirements

In order to receive a certificate for this course, you must first listen to the podcast in its entirety. Then, you will need to take the test (found at the top of this page) and earn 75% or higher. If you pass, a certificate will be automatically generated and sent to your email.

Financial and Non-financial Disclosures

It is the policy of OT Potential to disclose any financial and non-financial interest the provider or instructor may have in a product or service mentioned during an activity. This is to ensure that the audience is made aware of any bias of the speaker.

We here at OT Potential have no financial stake in this topic.  Our guest, Carol Chiang also has no financial disclosures. 



Carol Chiang, OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM, CHAMP

Carol Chiang is a Home Modification Occupational Therapist, Realtor and Aging in Place Expert. She is a former Olympic-caliber athlete, McGill Sports Hall of Fame Inductee in 2012 and writes extensively on the importance of wellness and prevention as a positive aging habit.

She is the founder of Evolving Homes, which helps homeowners create a plan for their future. Consultations include discussions over financial planning, caregiver availability and options for beautiful accessibility.  She is also the creator of Age in Place or Find a New Space®, a service which helps homeowners determine if moving to a new home is more cost effective than remodeling an existing home.

Carol is a consultant to many large companies such Toyota Research Institute, AARP AgeTech Collaborative and Habitat for Humanity to help them develop solutions for older adults. She specializes in providing education to non-clinicians and assisting with business development strategies. She has appeared in AARP webinars alongside AARP’s Amy Goyer and Amanda Singleton, filmed a pilot TV show about luxury Aging in Place and has been a speaker at numerous conferences including the UF Parkinsons Symposium, Neurochallenge Expo and Rehab Tech Summit.

She enjoys challenges and climbed Mount Kilamanjaro in 2002, lived abroad for many years and speaks multiple languages including English, French, Chinese.  She is very active in her community as a Rotarian and has a special interest in building multi-generational relationships between teens and older adults in programs like MIT AgeLab OMEGA.

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L

Sarah’s passion is helping fellow OT practitioners translate evidence into daily practice. Sarah earned her BA in religion from St. Olaf College, then earned her master’s degree in occupational therapy from New York University in 2011. Since then, she’s worked in numerous facilities, including a critical access hospital, an acute trauma hospital, and a state inpatient psychiatric hospital.

Sarah is the founder/owner of OT Potential. Read more about OT Potential here.

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