Textbooks: To keep or not to keep?

Deciding whether or not to keep old text books 

What to do with old textbooks

The decision of whether or not to keep your old textbooks raises a larger question: What is the best way to access information about best practice? During my first couple of years out of school, I utilized my textbooks somewhat regularly. But now, it has been several years since I have touched them, other than to move them from my attic to my basement. 

My  plan is to:

  1. Keep my Anatomy and Kinesiology books as the information seems pretty unchanging. (Plus, no one wanted to buy them from me.)
  2. Buy more up to date textbooks, if I ever enter a new practice area, or if new resources are released in my current practice area
  3. Rely on journals to get the most current information. 

I sold the books on Valore Books and, as a 2011 grad, was shocked that they still had value!  I made $200, just enough to buy another book that would have more value to me than of all my old books combined. 

 What are you all doing with old textbooks?