MedBridge Student Membership Discount (Only Pay $100!)

MedBridge Student Membership Discount (Only Pay $100!)

 MedBridge Student Discount, You Pay $100!

If you are a OT, SLP, PT or AT student, I recommend checking out the MedBridge Student Membership. For $100/year you can have access to teaching from leaders in your field.

Here's the MedBridge Student Discount Promo Code: OTpotentialStudent

You can plug it in here to receive the discount:

IMPORTANT: You must register with your ".edu" email address for the discount to be applied. 

What You Get with Your Subscription

With this membership you will receive everything that is included in the education subscription (700+ courses), except: 

  • You do not earn CEUs

  • There is a “Student” watermark across all HEP exercises when printed

  • You will not be able to send (email or text) the HEP

You can read more about MedBridge in my post, Is MedBridge Right for You?

How to Use the MedBridge Student Membership

A MedBridge Student Membership is for the achievers. It is for students who want to go deeper into topics than their professors are able to go in the classroom. Our professors are generalists. Many of the presenters on MedBridge are specialists in their areas. 

I think one of the most useful applications will be on fieldwork experiences, as you encounter new diagnoses and complexities for which you would like to find extra guidance. 

Again, here's the promo code: OTpotentialStudent

If You Are an OT/PT/SLP Professor....

If you are a professor who is interested in connecting your whole classroom with the MedBridge library, send me an email at and I can connect you with information on group pricing for your students along with additional learning tools.

Student membership for your classroom or your whole program would allow you to assign videos as homework, have your students practice putting together home exercise programs, and utilize the reference videos.

You would also be able to track their participation through the learning management software. 

There are flexible options for how the significantly discounted memberships could be paid for. 

Best of luck to you! 


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