RAPAEL Smart Pegboard: $500 Discount!

RAPAEL Smart Pegboard: $500 Discount!

 Looking for some technology to set your occupational therapy practice apart? Check out the Neofect Smart Pegboard! Here is a $500 discount on the pegboard, if you decide it is right for you! 

Looking for a discount on Neofect's RAPAEL Smart Pegboard?

Here's a discount code you can use for a $500 discount, if you purchase the pegboard on Amazon


 Check out the different overlays for Neofect's Rapael Smart Pegboard!
 Here's how to redeem your discount code for the Smart Pegboard. 

How to Use the Smart Pegboard Discount Code

To redeem this discount code, you can insert it in Step #2 on the Amazon checkout page where it says "Add A Promotion Code."

You should see your order total updated to reflect that a promotion was applied (see picture.)

Questions About the RAPAEL Smart Pegboard?

On the fence about this purchase? You can learn more about the pegboard directly on the Neofect website

One of my favorite parts about Neofect is that they have an OT, Lauren Sheehan, as their Clinical Manager. If you have specific questions about how the pegboard or other Neofect products you can reach out to the Neofect team at info@neofect.com.  

Why OT Potential has Partnered with Neofect to Offer This Discount

Our ability to leverage new technologies is going to make or break our profession. I believe the innovation we will witness in rehab tech in the next decade is going to be astonishing. 

While, we all want to be early adopters, the price tag behind investing in technology is nothing to sneeze at.

My goal is to work with Neofect to continue to get new technology in the hands of occupational therapists at the best possible price. 

 Watch how the pegboard can help your occupational therapy clients. 

Rounding Out OT Potential's Partnerships

I am so protective of my fellow therapists and have been extremely choosy in who I have partnered with through OT Potential. 

You can now find discounts on three critical aspects of our practice: CEUs through MedBridge, a state-of-the-art EMR with WebPT, and new technologies with Neofect. 

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OT in Israel: An Interview with Shoshanah Shear

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WebPT Cost Comparison (AND $100 Discount!)