MedBridge Education Review (Promo Code: OTP)

If you’re an OT, PT, SLP, AT, or RN searching for continuing education units (CEUs), this review of MedBridge Education will help you decide:

“Is MedBridge worth the cost?”

I have used MedBridge for seven years now and I personally think it’s worth the cost—but this article will help you decide whether the subscription is worth it for your own unique needs.

In this article, I review the MedBridge subscription to help you get an idea of what the company offers, as well as how you might benefit from using the platform.

I am an affiliate of MedBridge. Using the promo code “OTP” will give you a $150 discount and support me in creating more content for therapists. Read more about the promo code.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Introduction to MedBridge

MedBridge Education (MedBridge, Inc.) was founded in 2009, is based out of Seattle, and is the leading provider of online, video-based continuing education for therapists and health professionals, including: 

  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Athletics trainers
  • Registered nurses
  • & Students from all of these professions 


Which plan to choose: Education vs. Premium

If you’ve browsed the MedBridge website, one of your first questions is probably:

“What’s the difference between the Education Plan and the Premium Membership?”

Simply put, the Education Plan is best for people who simply want to learn and get CEUs.

With any MedBridge subscription plan, you get unlimited continuing education.

A MedBridge Education subscription plan provides the continuing education you will need for state and national licensing.*

With the Education Plan, you also get access to MedBridge’s reference tools (which are described later in this article), as well as access to a practitioner-facing app that lets you access the CEU and educational materials.

The Premium Plan gives you the aforementioned unlimited courses and CEUs—but it also includes patient engagement resources, such as:

  • a home exercise program (HEP) builder
  • patient education materials
  • and access to the MedBridge Go app for your patients.

That’s really the main difference: the patient-facing resources. These are described more in depth later in this article.

The majority of MedBridge subscribers do wind up opting for the Premium Plan so they can access these patient-facing resources.

MedBridge FeaturesEducationPremium
Continuing Education (2,214 Courses)☑️☑️
Certification Prep Programs (7 Options)☑️☑️
Live Webinars (1-2 per Month)☑️☑️
Clinician Mobile App☑️☑️
Certificate Program (39 Programs)☑️☑️
Orthopedic Exam Test Reference☑️☑️
Manual Therapy Technique Library☑️☑️
Home Exercise Builder☑️
Patient Education☑️
Patient Mobile App (MedBridge Go)☑️

Ready to subscribe? Use the “OTP” promo code.


*How do I know the CEUs will count toward my license?

Of course, our state boards can’t make it too easy on us to figure what exactly counts for accreditation. 😉

Considering the inherent confusion caused by each state having its own licensing regulations, the MedBridge platform makes things blindingly simple. You can look up information for each course, and you can quickly find out whether that course counts for CEUs for your specific profession and state. (OTs can double check their particular requirements in our post: OT Continuing Requirements Explained.)

You can even filter the course catalog by state and discipline to immediately see which courses are accredited. To make things even simpler, if you enter your home state and discipline in your profile, MedBridge will coordinate all your course completions. They will even create a certificate listing your CEUs and license information, which you can send to your licensing body.

MedBridge has also worked with our national organizations, and courses that count for the respective disciplines are:

  • AOTA Approved Provider
  • Meets the requirements for NBCOT
  • ASHA approved—MedBridge can even automatically update ASHA with your completed courses
  • BOC approved
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) – CEU Approved
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center- Accredited Approver
  • Association of Social Work Boards- Approved Continuing Education 
  • National Association of Long Term Care Administrative Boards (NAB)

The APTA does note accredit courses, but they are a partner of MedBridge.


Do webinars count for my required live hours?

In addition to providing traditional online CEUs, MedBridge has expanded to include one to two live webinars each month.

You can see the live webinar calendar here.

These live webinars provide a platform for questions and interactions, and they meet most state licensing requirements.

That said, each state’s rules vary, so I recommend looking at your individual state licensing requirements (or contacting MedBridge) to address specific questions.


Reference tools (available to both Education and Premium Plan members)

The reference tools section has short videos (anywhere from one to two minutes) of orthopedic tests and manual therapy techniques.

The techniques are broken down into body regions. For example, in the hand/wrist orthopedic tests category, there are about 60 videos (ranging from Boyes test to Mishra Test II).

The pros and cons of MedBridge's patient education options.


Patient care resources (ONLY available to Premium Plan members)

I happen to love MedBridge because of its patient care resources; I believe these patient-facing tools are a big part of what makes MedBridge such a robust choice for clinicians.

The patient care section provides two services:

  • Customized home exercise programs
  • Patient education handouts/videos

For each patient, you can create a unique patient care program with exercises, condition-specific resources, and other patient education videos/handouts.

The patient then receives a unique access code via text or email, which invites them to a patient portal that they can access from home, via the MedBridge GO app. You also have the option to simply print off your handouts, as seen below.

Our article MedBridge GO: Home exercise app explained will walk you through how your patients will use the app, and what you need to as a provider to get them set up.

The pros and cons of MedBridge's patient education options.
The pros and cons of MedBridge's patient education options.


My personal pros and cons

My pros:

In my opinion, MedBridge the has best video-based CEUs available, in terms of both quality and selection.

The quality of the videos is far above the other service I have tried, and I know when I dedicate time to sitting and watching a video that I am definitely going to get something out of it.

My favorite courses I’ve taken were for the Rehabilitation Research Bootcamp Certificate.

Me with my MedBridge Education Rehabilitation Bootcamp Certificate!

The cons:

I always recommend that before subscribing to a CEU platform, you should make sure they have courses that will directly impact your practice. I love MedBridge, but it does not cover every single topic. You may have to keep looking if you are interested in extremely specialized information.

Also, if you are looking to cheat and get your CEUs done as quickly as possible, MedBridge is not for you. You really do have do have to sit down and watch the videos to pass the tests!


MedBridge cost information

w/ Promo
w/ Promo
Physical Therapist (PT)$375$225$425$275
PT Assistant (PTA)$375$225$425$275
Occupational Therapist (OT)$375$225$425$275
OT Assistant (OTA)$375$225$425$275
Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)$270$120$320$170
Nurse (Rn)$375$225$425$275
Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)$375$225$425$275

You are likely to experience sticker shock if you go directly to the MedBridge website and see prices like $425.

That’s why it is extremely important that you look for a promo code to bring the price down.

I do go more into depth into price in my article on the MedBridge promo code, so if you are ready to buy, I recommend you head there!

How to cancel your MedBridge membership

It is always good to begin something with the end in mind. MedBridge may be right for your now, but that doesn’t lock you into this CEU choice forever. MedBridge does not offer refunds, but you can easily turn off your auto-renew. This will essentially cancel your membership when renewal time comes.

The bottom line

MedBridge Education is continually adding more resources for therapists and patients alike. It’s an extremely affordable, convenient, and robust platform that allows you to earn CEUs on the go, without sacrificing quality.

I will continue subscribing to MedBridge indefinitely, as it’s a great solution for my CEU needs. If you decide this is a good option for your own needs, you can subscribe for $225 (or $275 if you want all the features of the Premium Plan) by using my promo code “OTP” when you check out.

Please note that I am an affiliate of MedBridge, and thus have an incentive to connect the right users with this service. However, this post was not sponsored or suggested by MedBridge. Descriptions and opinions are my own.

Get started with MedBridge today!

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7 replies on “MedBridge Education Review (Promo Code: OTP)”

I’ve used MedBridge for about one year, and have experience with similar exercise software systems in the past. MedBridge’s library is more extensive than the others I’ve worked with, and they make it very easy to upload your own pics and exercise descriptions. I use the the "Template Library" to create groupings of exercises for particular conditions to really streamline the process at the end of a client treatment session. It’s very easy to print off and email videos to the clients as well.

The continuing education is great quality. In Nebraska, we can use 10 hrs online toward our 20 hrs required–so I’ll still need to pick up 10 hrs face to face continuing ed. Totally worth it–I’ll continue using it as it’s now a part of my daily workflow!

Hi Tom! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I agree that your situation is they type of set up where MedBridge really shines! If you can use it for both patient education and continuing education the cost is totally worth it!

My company has MedBridge for therapists and I find it to be an excellent tool for home exercise programs and especially continuing education. I really enjoyed the series I did for dementia and I look forward to utilizing it more on my own to further my learning! What I really like is that the continuing education provided an extensive handout, objectives list, and videos with a actual, live people going over things with you. Would highly recommend it.

Thank you for your personal review of MedBridge. I am thankful for the discount they are offering at the moment. The high price point has always been a burden and kept me from joining. This is much more affordable now. I took a step of faith and signed up via your affiliate link and signed up for the Premium. I have a lot of paper handout that I have collected over the years in home health/SNF but decided to take the step of faith and explore using the HEP they offer here. May I come back here if I have question on tips on how to use it?

Hi Jolanda!! I am so sorry that I have been so slow to respond to this! YES! Please let me know if you have any questions about the service. If I don’t know the answer, I will try to find it for you!

Hi Jolanda! I’ve done one certificate program through MedBridge and for me, it gave getting my CEUs more purpose behind the process. At the time I was getting ready to launch an OT journal club, and really wanted to feel like I was up to date on translation on research. The research boot camp really boosted my confidence to start a new business venture!

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