OT Practice- Oct. 29th

OT promotion and advocacy 

I am thoroughly impressed with the Oct. 29th issue of OT Practice. Kudos to those people who worked on the design and content. The innovative layout actually made the content much easier to consume. 

This issue is all about promotion and advocacy. The promotion aspect primarily highlighted resources that are available on the AOTA website. Let's be honest, the AOTA website is not easy  to navigate and it was helpful to have the resources presented in this format. Two simple take aways I took from the promotion portion were: 

  1.  All AOTA members are encouraged to use the AOTA brand logo on their websites, as email signatures, or as electronic wall paper. No permission or fee required.  I plan on adding the signature to my otpotential email. 
  2. If you are looking to spiff up your office the AOTA provides posters and handsome handouts just for you. 

In the advocacy portion I liked the "Doing Advocacy" graphics and content on pgs 18 and 19. I was also inspired to sign up for the AOTA's Legislative Action Center's E-list

There were two things I wanted to be a little stronger in the issue. First was the "Defining Occupational Therapy" section (pg. 5). I plan on writing more thoroughly on this later, but the long and the short of it is that I have troubles imagining a context where a super vague definition of OT is appropriate like: "Architects build homes; we build lives." I appreciate that the discussion of defining our profession was initiated, but I would have liked the article to have taken it a step deeper.

Secondly,  in "Saying it Right" (pg. 20) author Christina Metzler encourages skill and specificity in our documentation as a way of educating readers on the role of OT.  I feel like this follows a trend of vague charges to make documentation more specific without giving specific ideas for how to do so.  The development of writing skills requires detailed instruction, practice, and lots of effort. Vague mandates, while they may be momentarily motivating, will not make much headway in improving documentation. 

This will be the first of three posts highlighting recent OT publications. I hope to discuss publications soon after they are released, but as you can tell I was a little behind on this one. 

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